KrzysioCart – instruction manual
  1. Insert microSD card into USB card reader and plug it into USB port of your computer.
  2. Copy games (.NES files) directly into microSD card or split them into folders.
    Sample sites where you can get ROMs from:
    Other ones can be obtained by entering into any search engine phrases like:
    nes rom download
    Be careful that many licenced games might be copyrighted and downloading copyrighted software breaks the law.
    Warning: if the game is packed (.ZIP or .RAR file), you have to extract it – this cartridge reads only .NES files
    Insert microSD card into cartridge, put cartridge in console and power it up (never insert/remove cartridge when console is running)
  3. A menu with list of games should be displayed. You can navigate using joystick:
    • UP/DOWN - navigates through list,
    • A – enters selected folder / starts selected game,
    • B – goes back to one level up in folder hierarchy.
  4. After selecting game, there should be a message displayed at the bottom of screen:
    • Not a NES ROM file – when you selected non .NES ROM (or a NES in non UNIF format)
    • NES file NOT supported – when the selected game uses mapper that is not supported by cartridge or is it too big
    • Correct NES file – when the selected game is supported and can be loaded (by pressing A button)
    • Correct NES file (uses save) – when the selected game is supported and it has capability of storing state
  5. After game begins to load, the screen will start blinking (time needed to load game depends on its size – from few seconds up to 2-3 minutes for big ones). On some non-standard consoles, there might be just black screen instead of blinking screen.
  6. After game finishes to load, it is immediately started. Pushing RESET button restarts game. Pushing POWER button brings you back to the game selection screen.
  7. If you want to start previously loaded game much faster, push SELECT button when the screen with file list is displayed
  • Why the console is restarting itself every 1 second when the cartridge is run for the first time? (NES version)
    You need to switch the CIC (licensing chip) inside cartridge to proper region, matching the one inside console. Turn of the console with cartridge plugged in and press reset button quickly 8 times. The cartridge will switch its region and remember new settings.
  • Order of games on list
    When you add new file into the folder, it will be displayed at the end of list
  • Why some games does not work correctly?
    If a game does not work properly after starting, there might be few reasons:
    • invalid game version - some games were published in two different versions:
      • for PAL consoles -those should contains “(E)” in file name
      • for NTSC/famiclones – those should contain “(U)” in file name).
      PAL games might not work properly on famiclones!
    • broken ROM file – either the ROM dump is not correct, has bad header or improperly assigned mapper number – try getting different file.
  • How to savestate works? Will I be able to save game in any moment?
    No, save state only works for those games that offers saving feature (like Kirby, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda). The built-in battery protects content of cartridge's RAM memory when powered down. On next power up, its content is copied into microSD cart and then restored when the same game is started again.
  • Is the cartridge safe for my console?
    Yes, it contains 5V->3.3V voltage translator buffers, so no extra current is drawn, the PCB thickness is 1.2mm - exactly like in standard cartridge.
  • Does the included Micro SD card contain any games?
    No, the cartridge is sold empty (copyright purposes), the owner is responsible for uploading any games into it.
  • How much time does it take for game to load?
    It depends on the size: few seconds for 32kB games up to 1.5 minute for 1 MB ones (like 168-in-1 multicart)
  • I got "1ST PARTITION UNKNOWN" message
    Sometimes Windows or card manufacturer (if you changed your micro sd card) assigns invalid partition id to the FAT32 partition. Proper value should be 0x0b or 0x0c. To change it:
    • Instert the micro sd card into USB reader and plug it into USB port in your computer
    • Download and start AOMEI Partition Assistant
    • Right click the partition that corresponds to your microSD card, then "Advanced" and "Change Partition Type ID" (see photo below):

    • Choose "0x0C FAT32 LBA" and press "OK":

    • Click "Apply" in top/left corner of the program window:

    • Click "Proceed" in the window that appears. After the process is finished, "Partition Type ID" of your card is changed:

Still have more questions?:
Write to me: krzysiocart [at] gmail [dot] com